What Good Is A Marketing Company?

Truth in Advertising

Seriously, what good is a marketing company – or any business for that matter – if it doesn’t support its community?

After my last two textbookian blogs, I decided this week it’s better to show than to tell. In that light, I have a story to tell you – and a favor to ask.

Meet Mike Conley:

Mike Conley
Mike’s wife of 35 years – Vicki – would describe him as a teddy bear, a wonderful father, with a heart of gold. Mike’s brother has Big Bro Hero tattooed on his arm.

A hard-working blue-collar man, Mike held the position of Lead Pressman at Quad Graphics in Loveland. He trained, mentored, and befriended almost anyone he worked with, he loved to share his knowledge. He was always around to lend a helping hand when someone needed it.

Whether he was working his day job, volunteering, helping Vicki put on one of her famous Cash Mobs for Windsor businesses, or riding off with Vicki on an adventure together, Mike was a man of action. A real rubber-meets-road kind of guy.

In March, 2013, Mike was diagnosed with brain cancer, specifically – glioblastoma multiforme stage 4. The doctors told him he might have a few years. He died on February 9, 2014.

Did Mike want a funeral? Hell no. Mike wanted a celebration of his life – a party with all his friends eating, drinking, laughing, and sharing stories together. That’s exactly what happened.

I only met Mike once, but I’ve known Vicki for a while (we met at the first Ignite Fort Collins in 2009). She’s one of the most generous, hard-working marketing people I know – and Mike was every bit her match.

I reached out to Vicki to see if I could help honor Mike’s memory and help him touch a few more lives – and together we came up with the #BeLikeMike campaign.

Here’s the favor I need to ask you:

On 4/20/14 (Easter, coincidentally – and Mike’s birthday), no matter where you are, I’d like for you to pay it forward with a good deed or an act of volunteerism and tweet about what you did with the hashtag #BeLikeMike (you can also tweet Vicki at @MarketForMobile).

Update: Vicki and her daughter, Kristi, will be walking at Sloan Lake in Denver, CO on June 7th. You can sponsor their team here. They’re hoping to raise $2,500.

I know it’s two months away. I’m asking you right now, as a favor to me, put it in your calendar and tell your friends to pay it forward, too. Let’s help Vicki spread Mike’s legacy of kindness, hard work, and volunteerism.

For what it’s worth, this is what marketing companies are for. We exist to be of genuine service to our community – whatever and wherever that community might be. Let me know in the comments: how are you going to #BeLikeMike? How will you pay it forward?

This blog post is part of the Word Carnival. Each month, a bunch of us small business owners get together and blog about the best ideas in business. This month’s topic: being in genuine service in your business. Be sure to check out the other blogs in the series!