When the “right” way won’t let you get it Right…

It Might Get Loud is a film about the electric guitar featuring Jack White, The Edge, and Jimmy Page.  It has a little to do with guitar, and much more to do with finding your way in the world.

Among the best lessons, U2’s The Edge found the E chord too complicated to convey the sound he had in mind.  He invented a new chord to cut out the unnecessary bits and get the exact sound he wanted.

It’s hard to fight convention, the “right” way to do something – like play an E chord.  Traditional wisdom tells you play the chord the right way.  Traditional wisdom would have been wrong – 22 Grammys wrong.

Is doing things the “right” way keeping you from doing something right?

Crooks and thieves apply this lesson every day to do something wrong, to do harm.  I’m looking at you, AIG.

Good and kind people should apply this lesson to do something right.

Being a rebel isn’t always wrong.