My wife and I like to relax by watching Cupcake Wars on The Food Network. We’re not foodies, but we do like our cupcakes.

I know there are probably foodies out there who feel that the judging on this show is not absurd. You really have to watch the show to understand exactly what I mean, but – four teams of contestants get an hour to make cupcakes. Except, these are pro bakers. They do nothing but this for a living, and when they get on the show, they’re bringing their best.

The cupcakes, in short, are probably more addictive than meth.

What bothers me is the looks on the faces of the judges when the contestants display their wares. I’ve never seen someone able to be snobbish about cupcakes – as a fat kid, I can’t even fathom it.

It got me thinking – are there things in your business that you’re (unnecessarily?) snobbish about? Does it make a difference to your customers? Is it something that sets you apart, in a good way?

Cupcakes are joyful things. Your career can be that way – but a lot of us don’t remember that. We get snobbish. And my guess is, it takes all the fun and joy out of it for our customers, too. I have a lot more fun interacting with people who exude joy about their profession rather than snobbery.

Don’t know what I mean? Just ask a typography junkie about Papyrus.

(Header photo: Cupcakes by lamantin)