I did not know Trey Pennington. Reading through his work, I get the feeling that he’s a person that I would have really liked to meet. I won’t get that chance now.

I won’t belabor the point, I can’t speak to Trey’s motives and I don’t know if anyone could have said something to help him (certainly any number would have had he asked), but I can say this: working for yourself is sometimes a lonely, ugly business. There are dark days when the cashflow stops and those bills are looming and the way out isn’t clear. Those are the days when you feel like you’re in it alone.

You’re not. The only way out is through.

When things legitimately suck, there are people out there like me who’ve been right where you’ve been. We’ll listen. We’ll offer advice. Hell, we may even buy you dinner or foot a bill or two for you. We’ll help you through. That can be all it takes for that lonely, ugly business to turn itself around.

All you have to do is ask for help. For everybody’s sake.

Please, ask.

(Header photo: Hugs)