Last week I wrote about the danger of “one more thing“.

I think this week, I wanted to give myself an easy toolkit to remember how to say no. So I’m going to start asking myself the WHORE question.

Who is it for – Some people get more leeway than others.
How much time – 5 minutes is still an interruption.
Overwhelmed – If I take this on, will I feel overwhelmed tomorrow?
Return on investment – Do I need the money? Will it open doors? Does it serve some intrinsic need?
Enjoyment – Why agree to do something you don’t enjoy? (“we all have to do things we don’t like” is not a valid excuse).

If more than half of the resulting answer is unfavorable, I’m not going to take on the task.

What’s your toolkit to say no?

(Header photo: Whore by KellyK)