You know Ted from Accounting? The guy who thought your presentation was kinda boring?

Ted is a dumbass.

You are the toughest critic on yourself that there will ever be. And if you start listening to all the Teds of the world, your inner voice is going to start sounding a lot like him.

Don’t seek out Ted. Instead, look for the people who say, “Hmm, it could use some spice on slides 3 and 4, but slide 5-10 are fantastic and your intro made me ROFL. If you change it up, let me know and I’ll take another look.”

People who will give you constructive criticism – you know, the kind that make you realize that you suck, but in a fixable way – are the rarest, most valuable resources you may ever encounter. Anyone else is a Ted.

F-you, Ted.

(Header: Loser by touring_fishman)