Star Trek, Space Shuttles and Steve Jobs

When I learned that DeForest Kelley died, I had this gnawing feeling in my stomach. Like something truly unique and special would be gone, forever.

James Doohan’s death inspired a similar feeling. When I learned that they were retiring the space shuttle program, there it was again.

I have that same feeling today. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to write – just that I had to write something. What could some kid who bought his first MacBook Pro in 2007 (while working at HP, by the way) have to say about a man who changed the face of computing, music, user interface design, software development, cell phones, systemic integration… It’s like the man ripped technology straight from Star Trek; stuff like PADDs and insanely smooth touch-screen interfaces. Things I saw Captain Picard use that I never imagined I would be able to use. What could I say that would honor the amazing things made possible in my life because of Steve Jobs?

I mean, it’s a little silly, this intense feeling of loss for someone I never met. And yet…

I made my first podcast in Garage Band. I made my first (good) video in iMovie. I create the slides of every memorable speech I’ve ever delivered in Keynote. And I will never forget the amazing stories he enabled in my life through Pixar. In true geek style, Stacy and I read our wedding vows off of an iPad. What can I possibly write to honor him for that?

Steve Jobs led the creation of products that make creating easier. We can make songs, whole movies, sync a dozen different devices together wirelessly like it’s magic – and create things that make us happy easier and faster than ever.

It would be easy to mourn. To grieve the loss of this amazing man and shed our tears.

But the nobler thing – the cause he repeated time and time again – is this: never stop creating. The best – and, in fact, the only way to honor Steve Jobs is to go create something awesome.

Here’s to you, Steve – a true Geek Superhero. I hope somewhere out there you’re stirring things up just as much as you did here.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get busy. I’ve got some amazing things to make.

Nick and Stacy's Wedding - Complete with iPad