I Am Not A Thought Leader

Desert LeaderI am not a Thought Leader.

Thought Leaders, by definition, lead the average folk to the promised land and celebrate how much they know by imparting it on others.

I’m more of a Thought F*ck-Up.

We’re the people who look at the so-called “average” folk and realize they’re much more wonderful / scary / devious / smart / amazing than Thought Leaders give them credit for.  We see those “average” folk and realize they individually have much more to teach us than we could ever impart on them.  We know for a fact most “average” folk are anything but average and we celebrate them for who they are.

A Thought F*ck-Up follows a lonely path set forth by the FCC’s definition for obscenity.

You know it when you see it; it’s usually in the opposite direction everybody else is heading…

Some great Thought F*ck-Ups I look up to: