If you syndicate your Tweets to LinkedIn – without using the #in filter, you’re going to look silly, or worse:

Censored LinkedIn Tweet: "How To Sack A Cougar, an Article By The Wet Spot"

It’s rare that I find something even I wouldn’t want to post on LinkedIn, but this one made me cringe. None of us are immune to rookie errors like this; you can only hope your followers take it in stride because it’s a Tweet – but damn. On LinkedIn, this is like commenting during your interview that the receptionist looks like she had work done.

Here’s the deal: If you indiscriminately post the same content to every network, you get a #FAIL. If you post two sexual terms in a LinkedIn update, you get a #FAIL. I’m all for irreverence, but if your connections aren’t, you might be in for #FAIL number three (which is usually fatal to their business).

(Header image: Picard’s Facepalm thanks to PicardFacepalm.com)