Day 281 By juliejigsawA year ago in April, I wrote a post called Burn Your Bridges.

I’m going to issue the same advice now, because you haven’t done it yet: ditch the people who make you miserable – right now!

Quit yer bitchin’ – you can complain that “it’s not that easy” all you want, but when your time is up on this Earth – and believe me, unless you make it to the Singularity, it will come to an end – you’re done. Do you want to have wasted more time than you needed to dealing with pricks? Doing work that you hate and doesn’t make a difference? Being demeaned and degraded? Putting everything in and getting nothing back?

Look, work is meant to be hard. Sometimes it (and life, for that matter) sucks. But both work and life should be rewarding – that’s true no matter who you are or where you live. Just because it’s hard doesn’t mean that you should be miserable 24/7 or that you can’t ever take a weekend to do something fun or fly a kite or cook dinner for your significant other.

You are the only one who can give someone the power to influence your life.

Don’t like the Government? Move. Or Rebel (peacefully, ya know?)
Don’t like your Boss? Quit. Or make ’em obsolete.
Don’t like your jerk of a ‘Friend’? Give ’em the boot.

Don’t wait until tomorrow to tell the pricks to f*ck off, you might get hit by a bus TODAY and never get your chance. BUT – and this is huge: just because someone is being a prick to you, it doesn’t give you the right to be a prick, too. Just cut ’em out of your life and know you’ll start 2011 with one less jerk to bring you down.

Doesn’t that feel so much better?

(Header image: One is the Loneliest Number by vic_acid)