Back Into The Fray

Nick at PodCamp Fort CollinsThis Christmas, I’ve decided to give myself the gift of freelancing. Not because I wasn’t enjoying my job; I was. But the more I worked alongside amazing people, the more I realized I had amazing things of my own to do.

I’ve always wanted to bring more creativity into the business world, so on December 25th, I’ll be launching my new business: Creative Renegade. My focus is on reminding businesses how to be creative by improving communication with their customers, employees, and businesses partners. If you are interested in learning more, visit the Creative Renegade website at and subscribe.

Without getting in to too many specifics, I see a serious need in a few different areas:

  • Web Marketing Strategy
  • Talent Procurement and Management
  • Team Communication and Creativity
  • Customer Engagement and Retention

I don’t pretend to be a wizard (and if you know me, you know ‘guru’ in my book is the same as ‘snake oil salesman’) – but over the last few years, I’ve been able to help businesses in every industry communicate better. Perhaps as a neat side-effect, not one of those businesses has gone out of business because of the economy.

I also want to see some cool things happen around Fort Collins. On my 5-year to-do list (and you’re welcome to help, I can’t do it alone!):

  • Eliminate Hunger in Fort Collins
  • Regular Free or Low-Cost Music Lessons in Fort Collins
  • Bring TEDx to Fort Collins (I just found out on Friday that our license was granted!)
  • Make Fort Collins a major hub for cool, geeky events like PodCamp, GameCamp, FreelanceCamp, and CareerCamp!

I’m really excited to make a difference for businesses and the community. In the next few days, I’ll post a few choice questions for local business owners; let me know what you think and you’ll be entered for a chance to get my services for free. Keep watching for more updates!