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Are you psyched to make your marketing fun again? Me too. First: here’s a link to my free marketing course on Skillshare. This is everything I know about marketing condensed into less than an hour, presented just like if you asked me for a coffee meeting.

Next – it means a lot to me that in an age of rampant e-mail wankery, you’d trust me with yours.

Expect to hear from me about every 2 weeks with insights on marketing strategy.

Have a particular topic you’d like me to cover? Email me at [email protected] or call me: (970) 236-6425.

So, you want to sell 10% more this year?

Here’s my guide on how to build a fun, effective marketing strategy:

WTF Marketing's B.A.M.F. Marketing Guide

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I know what you’re thinking. 40 pages!? Seriously, it’s like a giant mad-libs book. Take the time to fill it out and you’ll see some immediate improvements in your marketing strategy and, if you stick to this – sell 10% more this year by getting clear on your marketing strategy.

Can I promise that 10% thing? Well, in the words of people who know a thing or two about uphill battles: it works if you work it, so work it, you’re worth it.

If you get stuck, I offer 1-on-1 consultations. Or, seriously – call me: (970) 236-6425.

Now… I need to ask you a favor:

I need to know more about you. It’ll help me to know what you came here to learn. Could you drop me an email right now with answers to these three questions?:

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All done? Cool – here’s a bit about what to expect from me:

Soon you'll know how to market your brewery, Jimmy!

WTF Marketing can help you with a LOT of things – from social media strategy to writing better content to starting your own business to building better websites.

Not to mention, everything I write is designed to give you a giggle from time to time. Speaking of which:

For Our Burnt-Out Friends

These are my Public Service Announcements. I usually make one for every new blog post I write, and you can get them on everything from calendars to coffee mugs. You’re also free to share ’em or print them out for your friends.

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No, really. Say Hi, Howdy, or Hello. I’ll say it back. And maybe a few more things. You should be my friend, I’m awesome and don’t ever do lame things like forget your birthday, hit on your mom, or “borrow” your computer and never bring it back.

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