How WTF Marketing Can Help You


Owning your own business isn’t easy – marketing one is even harder. That’s why WTF Marketing exists.

Marketing overwhelm isn’t easy to battle. It’s always easier to have help – and WTF Marketing is here for you. Specifically, I help you:

Understand your business

  • define and own a niche that’s large enough
  • get clear on your products or services and your unique angle
  • find the thing that people love or hate about you and exploit it ruthlessly

Understand your market

  • understand who your Customers are
  • understand who your Competition is
  • understand what influences both

Clear the path from first impression to purchase

  • cut through the crap of “social” strategies that just don’t work
  • build a marketing plan (not just a “social media plan”) that does work
  • leverage “old-school” marketing to build a solid plan
  • implement clear metrics and find a good Return on Investment
  • implement a clear Call to Action
  • build plans for testing and tweaks

Learn how to expand your offline efforts on the web

  • finding the right social platform for your business (if any)
  • how to set up your Blog and Email List, and any other social platform that makes sense
  • how to not become a pitchy snake-oil salesman
  • how to build out systems and strategies to connect with new customers

Build the strategy to build community

  • clearly understanding your tools and efforts
  • clearly understand how to measure what’s working and change what’s not
  • finding the things you can easily stop doing today

Find and share your story relentlessly

  • allow your customers to refine your story, product, and service
  • continuously find and refine story with new angles

If you’re interested in working with me, there are a few different ways to do so:

But first, I highly suggest snagging my guide and getting to know me through the blog:

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