Anti-Social Networking

Most introverts would rather stab themselves in the thigh with a butter knife than go to a business networking event.

Let’s face it, even if you’re an extrovert, going to a networking event is a lot like showing up at your high school reunion. Into the gym you go, barely knowing a soul, and watch as everyone gravitates to the same stupid cliques they’ve had for years.

Meanwhile, all you want to do is take your snack plate of corn chips and mini cupcakes to the bathroom so you can eat in peace and give up on trying to wedge yourself into yet another a group that has all but body blocked you from the conversation.

Uh, hello?

Networking is a good thing.

The way we network isn’t.

Antisocial Networking focuses on helping you make good connections without the pain and drama of traditional networking. 

How do we do it?

Easy.  We make it a game, speed-dating style.

We all know the dating game is about numbers. Speed-dating’s timer lets you extricate yourself from a bad match after a set amount of time, and Antisocial Networking works the same way. No more wiling away the whole night with someone in construction when you sell cooking products because you can’t find an escape route.

Antisocial Networking works by quickly introducing you to a whole number of pre-screened potential partners for your business, so you can connect with the right ones for you, and skip the whole the awkward song and dance of pretending your favorite uncle died to escape a bad connection. After the event, if you were both interested in taking the relationship to a whole new level, we connect you. If you weren’t a good match, we recommend you to similar professionals so you can try again.


When and Where:

  • Where: Compass Cider, 216 North College
  • When: 5:30PM, May 12th, 2014
  • Registration: $10 (price includes your drink)

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