What kind of story do you tell about your business? I know what mine is.

If there were ever any question about what I stand for – how I do business, how I think businesses should do business – just look toward my Ignite videos. There was one in particular that caught my eye yesterday.

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I don’t take my cues from the prim and proper. I take my cues from people like Katrina Pfannkuch, Erika Napoletano, Naomi Dunford, Logan Zanelli, and other business bad-asses. (Katrina probably wouldn’t label herself a bad-ass, but she’s rockstar like Lisa Loeb. And even the burliest construction worker breaks down in tears to Stay.)

I Aim to Misbehave. It’s high time for a new kind of storytelling in business. I thought of myself for a long time as The Geek Superhero. The more I think about it, the more I realize I’m telling the stories of business superheroes every day. I’m going to dedicate my professional life to re-direct attention to the people and products that matter and away from the businesses that treat us poorly and waste our time. Color me a web marketing Robin Hood. All that’s left is to fight a pair of tights.

(Header Photo: Robin Hood, Men In Tights by Jameson42)